Dahon Vitesse i7 20 7 Speed Folding Bicycle (Coffee) review 2019

Plan:                                      93%

Usefulness:                        93%

Sturdiness:                         90%

Portability:                         91%

Cost:                                      84%

Overall:                                                90%

By and by, another completely awesome Folding Bicycle by Dahon. This bicycle has such a significant number of qualities that it was hard to pass on them into a solitary article, this bicycle is unquestionably not one to be missed!

Dahon Vitesse i7 20 7 Speed Folding Bicycle (Coffee)s.jpg

Client Rating: 1.99 ( 180 votes)

The Dahon Vitesse i7 20 7 Speed Folding Bike is a magnificent expansion to the effectively broad rundown of Dahon Bicycles available. Dahon is the undisputed lord of collapsing bicycles in numerous people groups eyes thus when they discharge another bicycle, there are not many that are too reluctant to even consider purchasing one. In the wake of getting our hands on the Dahon Vitesse i7 Folding Bike, we were expecting much the equivalent, a very much refined bicycle that is fit for working effectively in any circumstance.

While surely not one of Dahon’s less expensive models, the Vitesse i7 Dahon Folding Bike truly is an extraordinary collapsing bicycle, it truly does not disillusion in the smallest.

Dahon Vitesse i7 20 7 Speed Folding Bicycle BicyclesOrbit.jpg

All things considered, we can’t state that we were disillusioned. The Folding Bike Dahon Vitesse i7 excelled in each district and surely satisfied our desires for a $629 bicycle. Our early introduction was that the bicycle was amazingly tough, something that can’t be said pretty much the majority of the Collapsing Bicycles as of now accessible – Dahon seems to have this totally aced. The Dahon Vitesse i7 has a solid, however moderately light, aluminum outline that vibrates next to no when ridden.

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The bicycle comes total with a splendid pivot that encourages quick collapsing, we timed it as being totally collapsed away in under 10 seconds – an incredible accomplishment. Numerous bicycles around take anyplace between 15-30 seconds to do likewise, these valuable seconds have a significant effect on the same number of you will know.

Performance of Dahon Vitesse i7

Dahon Vitesse i7 20 7 Speed Folding Bicycle red.jpg

To further enhancement this, on the grounds that the bicycle tips the scales at just 25.9lbs, it is fantastically light to bear with you consistently. It additionally overlays down into a pleasant and sensible size so it isn’t too awkward when utilizing an open vehicle, this is again something that is essential to me and numerous others around the globe. There is minimal more awful than dragging a colossal around that is overloading you and routinely acting as a burden.

The Folding Bike Dahon Vitesse i7 is an especially agreeable ride, as I said beforehand, there are practically no vibrations and it handles well on different various kinds of landscape. This great bicycle additionally used Dahon’s flex-modify mode, this successfully empowers quick modification of riding position – therefore empowering the rider to be progressively open to relying upon the current landscape.

Test Ride of Dahon Vitesse i7

We tried the bicycle in the downpour and it had no trouble grasping the street, the tires were especially amazing on this model. Another advantage of this collapsing bicycle is the capacity for it to actually fly up slopes. The Folding Bike Dahon Vitesse i7 has 7 unique speeds thus slopes can be climbed with little trouble, notwithstanding the bicycle being quick crosswise over level ground.

Dahon Vitesse i7 20 7 Speed Folding Bicycles.jpg

The bicycle really is a superior bicycle, as publicized, every one of the segments has been made in view of genuine quality. The most striking of these highlights are without a doubt the brakes and the wheels. The brakes work uncommonly well, while the wheels are exceptionally strong and have awesome hold of the street.

Specifications of Dahon Vitesse i7

  • Collapsed Size:1″ x 13.3″ 30.6″
  • Collapsed Time: Less than 10 seconds
  • Weight:9lbs
  • Brakes: Winzip 110m V Brakes
  • Rates/Gears: 7
  • Drive: Shimano Nexus Internal Gear-Hub
  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Casing Type: Aluminum Dalloy Sonus Tube Set
  • Max Rider Weight: 220lbs (105kg)
  • Best Available Price: $629

Dahon Vitesse i7 20 7 Speed Folding Bicycle (Coffee).jpg

Finishing up Remarks about Dahon Vitesse i7

To finish up, I accept that Dahon has by and by created an exceptional bicycle, while it is in no way, shape or form perhaps the least expensive model – the Dahon Vitesse i7 Folding Bike is genuinely deserving of its raised sticker price. At last, this bicycle won’t let you down out and about, it is very much assembled and will stand the trial of time. The bicycle is a superior model that exceeds expectations over different various kinds of territory and also in the wet as the dry. Look at my other Dahon collapsing bicycle surveys.

Dahon Vitesse i7 20 7 Speed Folding Bikes.jpg

Pros of Dahon Vitesse i7

  • Exceptionally tough aluminum outline
  • Rustproof casing
  • Present-day, immortal looks
  • Moderately lightweight (25.9lbs)
  • A 7-speed bicycle that forces up slopes and pads alike
  • Excellent slowing mechanism
  • Collapsed away in under 10 seconds
  • Tires have a solid hold

Cons of Dahon Vitesse i7

  • Marginally expensive contrasted with other Dahon models

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